Delivery Information

After you have placed an order please wait for our agent to add you on Skype or Discord if it was specified during checkout. This usually takes up to 30 minutes within our work-hours. If you did not fill out your Skype or Discord handle or just want to speed up the process, you will need to reach out to us on Skype: live:RagnarosStore or Discord: RagnarosStore#0666 (you can find our other contact details here). After that, our manager will further specify the details and assign you to the next available slot.

If you have chosen the Self Play option during the order, it means that you will get to experience the boosting process by yourself; no one will get access to your character apart from you. Account Sharing, on the contrary, means that one of our boosters will carry out the whole thing for you and you will just need to relax and watch the action in HD on Twitch or YouTube. Please note that despite giving us your credentials we will never ask for your security questions or any personal information, which means that neither us nor our boosters will be able to steal your account.